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I started my businesses on a whim without a real gameplan. I had an idea and went with it. I quickly found myself having to take a step back, rethink, and plan my strategy for my businesses.

Sound familiar?

But now that my income is tied directly to how well I live out my passions, rather than punching a clock, I have to be way more intentional about how my businesses are run. I am lucky that as an attorney, I have access to resources that allowed me to quickly reshape my businesses.

I started this mastermind class with the realization that there are others facing the same issues. Many did what I did and started a business with no real plan or direction, and are now trying to make their business make sense. Others are looking to start a business but not sure where to start.

I want to help YOU build a profitable and sustainable business.

  • You Can Do This! The Mindset of a Boss CEO
  • Business Structure & Formation
  • Understanding and Identifying Your Ideal Client
  • The Importance of Goal Setting & Tracking
  • Establishing & Protecting Your Brand
  • The Importance of Systems
  • ...And Much More

Only 10 slots will be available for this class.

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